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If navigating the printing process and timelines and last-minute changes gives you the heebie-jeebies – never fear. At Evolution Press, we’ve got 75 years of combined printing know-how, and it’s our distinct pleasure to make this part of your job easier.

1 Prepress 1 Prepress

First stop, pre-press. This is where we create a complete pre-flight checklist to make sure everything’s perfect before proofing and output: fonts, image links, crop marks, trap margins, layout, etcetera.

We’re always happy to help with file preparation and advise about the best way to set up your artwork. File glitches and other hiccups are no problem – we’ll flex as needed to ensure you get the print piece you came for.

2 Proofing 2 Proofing

To ensure content and color are spot-on, careful proofing is critical to the process. We’ll make this easy for you by providing PDFs, mechanical laser color proofs, paper samples, folding dummies or ink drawdowns so your client can envision the final product.

3 Platemaking 3 Platemaking

We print all our letterpress from photopolymer plates – it’s economical, it’s more environmentally friendly and it produces stunning results from digital files. We create both letterpress and offset plates right here in the shop, so you know your plates will be readily available for last-minute changes and tight turnarounds.

4 On Press 4 On Press

The pressroom is truly the epicenter of our shop. The rolling rhythm of the original Heidelbergs, the smell of ink in the air, the first glimpse of your final piece – for us, this is Zen. Our team is truly dedicated to the perpetuity of fine presswork, and we’d love to show you why. We welcome and encourage press checks, whether you want to ensure correct ink density or just watch your project come to life.

5 Bindery 5 Bindery

We put many of the finishing touches on your project right here in the shop: trimming, drilling and small-run hand assembly. Our out-of-house services include envelope conversion, laser cutting and folding.


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